Barbie Interveiw

Waddup Bloggers so Nicki "tha Baddest" had a interview with Honey Mag & she hit some every interesting points and I don't want to give to much of it away so watch this 1st before you read my comments: So yeah damit, one of the things that this chick was asked was "Are you dating anyone?" she reply "Yes, Benjamin Franklin" (Thats the guy who's on the 100 dollar bill for you obtuse people) Are you serious but like really though whats wrong with this Bruskie yo, image trying to bag Nicki Minaj like the what would you say 1st of all but even worst the B**ch wont ever stop talking about her self, but anyways moving on, another thing asked was "Whats a good wifey?" she replied "Naught & Nice/ To nice is not good cause they'll cheat on you" but my personal favorite was when she said, "The more of a Bitch you are the more they would want to hold on to you"..................: I rest my case (Salutes) Later Bloggers.

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