In the mind of TOXiC

Waddup Bloggers! I'm coming off of a semi-poppin weekend, mainly because this Saturday I went to the Halloween Parade over on 6th Avenue from Spring Street to 21st Street & sadly enough I walked the whole dam thing, but luckily it was worth it though, mean while the outfits from my point of view were outrageously creative. Costumes that I seen were, The whole X-men crew (Including Gambit, Mystic & even night crawler...........Crack) The Oxy-clean guy (my personal favorite), Ken & Ryu, a 30 man Micheal Jackson dance crew that had a whole danced routine to smooth criminal & yes of course Obama. I wasn't able to dress up this year for the parade (As you could see above) but next year for sure I will, & I repeat I will go all out lol. But what really was on my mind all day, was what happened to me at work today which really didn't even get me mad just made me think how even after so many years things "ain't never gonna change" so here's what happened As you may know I work in retail, so I dealt with basically every asshole, & every ignorant person there is but what happened today takes the cake. So I'm on the register helping a cashier bag items and this Jewish (*#%$) Lady that was next on our line creeps up and says to the cashier does "he work here?" so automatically I'm like oh brother & the lady continue to whispers on to the cashier next to me saying "I don't want him to touch my clothes nor do I want him near me I don't want to see him" Seriously this is what this lady said to me so being the bigger person I said nothing & left the register with other cashiers looking at me like wow no she didn't as they to waited for my response. But like I said I did nothing & thought to my self I could've sworn those times past Smh. (Salutes) Later Bloggers.

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