Dig that fad

Waddup bloggers! So this whole summer fashion trend was clearly Ralph Lauren polo's, in every shape & form it comes in. Everyone did it from rapper to singers to athletes, even someone you knew had at least one item of the polo in there wardrobe. Made publicly known in the African American community as a poppin fashion trend years ago 1st was Kayne West when he 1st came into the rap game dropping threw the wire (College Drop 2004) rocking Polo threw ought his music video, but polo then died down for a while but was heavily put back in to the scene credited to F.L.Y and there track Swag surfin this past summer for, rocking polo hard in there music video. But as fashion trends come & go so does hair styles too. Last summer thing to do was clearly a designed Caesar, this past summer designed Mohawks, But lady's did there own thing on the fashion side, last year as well the in thing to do was the long jet black Egyptian bang look which look banging on some broads but sad and depressing on others lol but this summer was the whole short hair look some even did the Mohawks to but in a girlish stylish way. But being how Rihanna was mainly the source that made so many girls cut there hair shes changing up here style again on you fashion crack heads & adding color lets see if they twitter her (Oops I mean follow) her again.