Question of the week

What is the secret to happiness you? Happiness: is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, pleasure, or joy. (...Zzz!)
  • Well happiness to me is when a person fulfills that satisfactual need that he or she has been striving for.
But as for the Question of the day goes the secret to happiness is simple, its True Love. Cause no matter how fly your gear is, or how many cars you have, or even money in the bank, nothing in the world holds your down better then waking up each morning & saying to yah self I have a "good one" who loves me for me. Cause think about it a car only last 2-3 years , clothes last what after you wear it its price value drops so really a day & money changes everyone for the worst believe it or not (Sorry Ripley's) it even makes your closes friends envy you. As for love its only down fall is the end of a relationship but even then its not the end of things cause, you could easily stop being in loving with somebody but no matter what your not gonna stop loving that person!

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