In the mind of TOXiC

Waddup Bloggers! How yah'll feeling? I'm in such a good mode cause life is lovely for me right about now schools flowing good for me for once in my life, work is progressing real good too being how I make my own schedule now, so no more slave hours like last year Amen,My bank account is finally looking like an account cause I cut back on my crazy shopping sprees, & my blog views has just hit 100 (Crowd Chants) that's a major plus cause I swore nobody read it =/ but I guess someone does I appreciate the love keep em' coming. But enough with the suspect talk lets get down to business Bloggers you ever been online & was either sending some one a message or creating a email & seen this: .....or something similar, its called a handicap test now who's genius idea was it to create this dufus idea like seriously, but what I hate the most about it is when they give you a word that's complete unyielding to point where NO ONE can flipping read the dam thing like fo'real tho "C'mon Son" its not that serious. But moving on Beanie Sigel just drop a dis song about Jay-Z called "What you Talking about" 1st Bow wow leaves Jermaine Dupri now you (C'mon Son) you know & everyone else knows that Roc Nation is the right label for you, man stop fronting with these bubble gum dis songs that you know hes not gonna respond to. But anyways keeping it in the Roc Nation vibe look out for Wales album "Attention Deficit" releasing on November 10, 2009 go get it, (Salutes) Later Bloggers.

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Breezy said...

you looking type "matrix" there famz.....damnnn kidd

- breezin ova n out