The name is Toxic born and I was born & raised in Brooklyn (East Flatbush) I'm 6,0 flat i hope cause it sounds way cooler then 5,11. I'm your typical African American teen i played basketball (but i grew outta that once i hit 18 and realized N.B.A isn't going my way lol) I listen to all types of music, favorite artist real quick in random order is ummm Andre 3000, Jada Kiss, Fabolous, Lil Wayne (but then again who's not), T.I , Jay-Z (can't for get about him) 50cent he's real a lot of people don't give him as much credit tho cause he pretty much labeled him self as the bad guy in Hip-hop, Lupe, Kid Cudi new school music is always good Oh & how could I for get my new addiction Mr. New School him self......WALE!!!! lol so much for quick right but anyways I love to dance like a lot a lot a lot my dance style now is Flexing youtube it bloggers if you don't know what that its, i like it cause to me its real dancing it uses all aspects of your body to create art forms cause yes all types of dancing is also an art form as well. I'm very into fashion to it urks me when ever someone calls another person GAY just cause there "fashion dangerous" , meaning that person is willing to jump outside the box that this society has put us in fashionably wise & open up there unique minds & express it into fashion. So to those males or w/e that have yah'll own swag & that dress "weird" just keep doing yah thing cause although hate is contagious,for them to hate means that they had to be interested in some way 1st for it to boil down to jealousy or just laugh at em =). That pretty much sums up me so now back to blogging!

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