2 Train story

Whats sup bloggers so I'm on the 2train cooling down up from walking around in Soho all day, as usual on a Saturday & Im w/ my son Ezy laughing my life away at the silliest things & then this typical crack head comes on w/ a 24 pack of cigarettes holding on to it for dear life .......so i look at him like son that's basically cancer in his hand but its what ever tho his life not mine lol. OH & another thing you wont understand unless you take the 2 train a lot but why is it that its like the same starting 5 or 6 Bums that come on the train either singing a song or having the most unmotivating speech ever ask for money, like seriously they each have there own days & certain hours that they would come on the train. but what cracks me up the most is that everyone would give all there attention to them as there talking but as soon as they whip out the change cup eeeeeverybody puts there head down. lol only in New York

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