The 20 Why?

◊ Why does every* blogger constantly talk about fashion that no body can afford?

◊ Why does it always rain on the good days?

◊ Why can't Tiger Woods get a break?

◊ Why is Nicki Manji .....everywhere?

◊ Why did Global warming have to start now?

◊ Why is Juno the coolest movie ever?

◊ Why is it that rappers can gladly protest that they sold millions of coke & weed in their songs and never get caught?

◊ Why is Soulja Boy so rich? =(

◊ Why did Duke have to win the NCAA championship?

◊ Why can't I have 100 followers?

◊ Why did my height have to stop at "5,11"?

◊ Why can't I find another Job?

◊ Why do I feel I always have to "dress to the 9s" just to get attention?

◊ Why am I so cocky?

◊ Why hasn't Obama CHANGE the economy financial crisis?

◊ Why can't I be famous?

◊ Why can't I make it to church on Sundays anymore?

◊ Why can't Wale get as much buzz as Kid Cudi or Drake?

◊ Why does it only feel like were in a recession from Mon-Thurs?

◊ Why is it that one of the 2010 Census ethic category's say Negro?

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J. said...

Good list of questions...I ask a lot of the same. Except I ask why did I stop growing at 5 foot? I'll never know...

Ram said...

pshh did you even fill out your census? and Wale's voice is annoying!! I rather Wale be an author or something.