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 Hello Bloggers yah'll good?...."Nice" ::In Fabs voice:: So I have so much mixed feelings on in my mind right about now, oddly enough of..... Loneliness =/, idk why but I feel it you would never notice it either cause I can cover it up with a joke or simply just with my happy spirit hmm w.e moving on, A little friend of mine as well a strong Saluter drew this for me I would give her a link but I refuse to put a twitter link anywhere on my page but Kudos to here for this portrait of Me its pretty cool take a look:
 What do you think?

Now Waka Flocka Flame??? {I don't get him at all} So I hear hes a new rapper and all but he just got robbed for his chain (Which automatically drops you to the bottom of the Hip Hop respect poll) and his music...isn't even that hot or at least catchy, Now I try to stay far from hating but sorry dude you gotta get fired.
{Hold the phone is it just me or Mr Flame looks like Carmelo Anthony}

One More Thing: I know I talk about random things in my post just bare with me, But is it just me or Lykke Li makes like the best dam thinking (meditation) music like...ever move over Sade there's a new Babe in town.

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