In The Mind of Toxic 

Waddup Bloggers, Just a few things I had on my mind this time that I wanted to share, 1st things 1st.

You Know What I Hate:
* 106 & park can't go 2mins withought mentioning twitter....Seriously!
* Carrying umbrella on a day it doesn't rain
* Lil Wayne Jail sentence got pushed back....again
* That you never asked me anything on formspring.
* That People can go threw 20 interviews just to get one job.
* Every gamestop always has an attractive female employee that knows nothing about video games
* Gucci mang went jail and only got a "Free Gucci t-shirt".
* People treat Facebook as if its an away message.
* That owning sidekick defines your self as a minor.
* T.I came out of Jail with a Low cut fade...whoa
* Pretty much everyone that owns a Black Berry......doesn't pay there own bill.
* That after "Death of Auto Tunes" T-Pain swore to retire.....His current album will be in stores soon.

Oh wait I had other stuff on my mind but now what was it... oh yeah:

"Hi, I'm Toxic just call me handsome!"

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Boi Genius said...

LMAO u right about the BlackBerry thing!!! haha

Anonymous said...

No one ever asks me anything on formspring either! Don’t worry, I’ll ask you a question.