Karrine Steffans a Sex Consultant?
Guys I know your like her face looks familiar, where do you know her from right? hmmm ....its Superhead! lol Who would've ever thought? Hell, I didn't! I just thought this chick I could have sworn that  she retired or something. I think Karrine is extremely entertaining to watch *..... :-) * but to actually take her seriously? "Houston ahh I think not!" Well, according to her new Twitter (Grr) bio shes now working as a Sex & Intimacy Consultant and Instructor for Hustler Hollywood. Peep this:

In great honor to the late great Bernie Mac (R.I.P) I think I speak for all of us when I say........
"This some bull"

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Lisa said...

HA! Thanks for the laff. It's time for this ho to sit down and disappear