A Whole Lot of Nothing.... Ness 

This Post is dedicated to my favorites in life & then some sooo you just might get thrown off with all its randomness but *Shrugs* this is my blog:

☆ 1st thing 1st Salute to my favorite rapper Wale, DMV stand up

☆Feel free to follow me on twitter Saluters, sure I might have bashed it like a millions before in prior post but, you try being the only person without one.

 ☆ Next if you know me you know Sneakers are my thing, I think there is no better exclusive sneaker then the clean cut Nike S.B & out of its deep roster, These space tigers are the best ones to me.

☆Ah man two of my favorite things in the same picture, but anywho you guys pretty much know how heavy Biggie influenced the whole Brooklyn community in one way or another so let me not even get into that, But due give grave to my favorite brand Bapthing Ape ®☺

☆Here is some free music curtosiy of the downfall of Limewire :

☛ Kanye West Ft Jay-Z ~ Thats my b*tch☜
☞ The Black Eyed Peas~ Light up the night ☚

☞ T.I ft Kid Cudi & Kanye West ~ Welcome to the World ☜

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