Breaking Barbie News!!!

ATTENTION!!!! ATTENTION!!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!! Nicki Lewinsky has finally let the world in on when her untitled album will be dropping!! After all the hoopla the internet has created about Nicki's album & wondering if it will ever see the light of day, Nicki had this to say today via her Twitter account:
(No I still don't own a twitter account, I had my sources tell me about this information .....what seriously.)


Know for the outrageous hair colors Nicki Minaj finally choose to sit down with Hype Hair Magazine to talk all about her colored wigs, trying new makeup styles and colors and just being different. Nicki's animated personality & visually attractive ensembles always makes heads turn. Whether you have something good or bad to say about the can't front.....she knows how to capture your attentio! take a look at the "Hype Hair" article below:

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Harry Swag said...

Do you not like twitter?
Thanks for the post about Ross and Kanye

J. said...

I'm trying the Twitter thing...let me know if you start...