New Designer Nakimuli

So she goes by the name Nakimuli & shes an up and coming fashion designer from my city, Brooklyn (Stand up) lol
Nakimuli, which is actually an Ugandan for flower, is a line of African inspired ready to wear pieces by Tennille Nakimuli McMillan.
  Her most recent collection called, “Lock U Up In Luv For Days,” was inspired by summer love in Brooklyn.

“I wanted to capture the feeling of a spring fling; of meeting that special someone in Fort Greene Park and spending the spring days and evenings with him. Getting to know him. Enjoying the weather. And wearing outfits that would make you feel young and fun and flirty.”

Check out more of her work here:
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TOMO said...

safe toxic. you commented my blog a while back, sorry i havent got back to you, your blog is sick and your swag is tight.
much love to yall.

Tokyo.Diamond said...

I liking the the first picture. Nah, I like em' all. & Thanks for commenting on my blog. & We kind of do have same interests. Keep doing your thing too!

Harry Swag said...

wow thats dope man
Keep up the good work
You have a fresh blog

J. said...

Her work with patterns and color is amazing! Very fresh!