Lil Kim & Nicki Beef

At 1st I was like oh k Kim has every right to be upset being how Nicki actually did ....kinda sorta jacked Kim's explicit flow & Barbie style and choose not to acknowledge Kim:
Crazy right? but I mean at the same time imitation is the best form of flattery so I really don't understand why Kim got so, mad maybe is cause Nicki said:
Ouu lol cat fight at 3:00, but this is all just foolishness to me. Kim honestly has no accurate reason to be upset that just how history goes Kim your a Vet what you did in the rap game can never change people can only add on to what you did, so why be mad ::Throws arms up in a rage!:: Cause if that was the case Madonna should of been upset about the many times that Britney, Christina stole her style or better yet Gaga!! OR Mary J should've been upset when Keyshia Cole came out with the same exact ghetto soul music as Mary's did & don't get me started on the numerous amount of rappers that flipped, baked & RAPED Jay-z flow. So Kim be the bigger person and just end this child's play that has boiled into beef cause at the end of the day your still the Queen B & you will always be.
 Keys & Kim


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J. said...

Agreed, Kim should be flattered and just take the next big step up to be the "It" girl again...she has it in her you know...