So As I was surfing the web doing what I do I feel Upon this site its called ASK A THUG.COM
and its pretty much a site for asking any personal question and getting a response from a very blunt person like my self, [ confused about this site are you?] well here's a sample of what goes on on this site:

Question: When I was younger I used to work as a stripper. A few things happened and I ended up working in a brothel. I’ve since left that life behind and I’m now working a regular job. It took time to gain trust in men again, but I found a sweetheart of a man who I really believe loves me and I love him back. I want to tell him everything about me, but feel he may look at me differently and I’ll lose him. Should I tell him my past or keep my secret from him?

Answer: Don’t do it! I don’t understand why girls always wanna tell they whole fuckin story to a n!gg@ when all that’s gonna do is make us not like you no more. If we feeling you, we wanna believe with everything we got that you’re a beautiful flower that’s never been touched. Even if all your petals been plucked the fuck off. Don’t fuck up our fantasy! Life is real enough with work and bills and death and a whole lotta other bullshit, let us have this one. I mean yes, you may have a extra special superman over there who won’t give a fuck about your past and continue to love you. But I’m a go with you dealing with a regular old mortal and as soon as he hear that dick used to be your business is gonna be fucked up, worryin now if his is big enough, and if every nigga he walks by boned his lady. Why even do that to him if you say you love him? Cause I don’t give a fuck what nobody say, if after you tell him and he decides to stay, you done gave him a complex forever. Every time y’all out and if n!gga@s is whispering, he gonna think the worst. “Yup, they all dirty sanchezed my girl and they talkin bout it right now.” Keep that shit to yourself. You only wanna tell him so you can feel better about yourself, to see if he love you enough to accept all of you, the good with the bad. But he love you now for who you are, not who you were. You don’t see me telling my lady I been burnt 7 times and if I could, I’d bone all her home girls. Certain shit she don’t need to know.

Oh, and if one day he call you and say this ain’t workin out, just know that he found out on his own.

.....Why didn't I make this site =/ 

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