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{3, 2 , 1............... Boom}
Ah-Waddup Saluters, That's pretty much how I feel right about now cause well its play off season & my job has no remorse for me, their giving me shift during all the good games (Kill me now!) Luckily today there's like a million games on back to back so I can at least say I seen one game for each playoff team play =/, W/e by the way has anyone witness Brandon Jennings in his 1st ever N.B.A playoff game, you would've totally for got that this kid was a Rookie, easily scoring 34 points against the Hawks without Andrew Bogut. (Now was he swindle out of the Rookie of the Year award or what). Anyways!  Ladies if your mate never returns your calls/text/e-mails don't be alarm.....(this time) cause its totally cause he to is watching the game, so you might as well change your Facebook Status now. Lol well thats pretty much it for my life so until then guys.....


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J. said...

34 Points! So sad I'm from WI and don't follow the Bucks! (Packers are another story though...) So now being in TX I have a choice of Spurs, Rockets or Mavericks, and it's been the Mavs for about 7 years now.

But yeah, I'm certain my boyfriend will be ignoring me! It's THAT time of year! (If they televised gymnastics they way they televise basketball, he'd be in trouble...)

Common Life said...

haha you a bucks fan or just likin Jennings? You gotta be a Brooklyn fan soon man sense Jay is bringing NJ Nets to y'all, that gotta be dope! Which 2 team you think will go up in the finals? Im still dreamin about seein Lebron vs. Kobe haha.