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Even I was shocked at this video when I 1st seen it, Although the message she sends in this video "Window Seat" is so sadly true here she explains here self:
"I was petrified while shooting this video ... but liberation began to set in .i conquered many fears in that few moments . i am greatful," she wrote Saturday (March 27) evening. "we are ALL guilty of groupthink we have all been VICTIMS of groupthink @ShugaAnnSpyce no closed set . no actors everything was real . window seat video notes: had intended to direct this vid alone. after working w/ coodie and chike and bouncing thoughts i asked them to join RT @TravlrStone: @fatbellybella "Window Seat" was an unbelievable moment in vulnerability and liberation. That took bawlz. @SaskiaChanel my views are condition,thus pointless .i am encouraging thought thru correct definition of #groupthink in its original intent @SaskiaChanel i make no claims , i am not qualified .William H. Whyte coined the term in 1952, in Fortune magazine . this term #groupthink intellects get in here . what are the pros and cons of shooting this type of video ? www.erykahbadu.com RT @Amadii: @fatbellybella the Kennedy association .i did'nt expect u to get shot,but the video appears 2 be about character assassinati ..." (Erykah Badu's Twitter -_-)
I have to admit .......I kept looking at her a** threw ought the whole video.

::What? Imma Guy!::

P.s I still hate Twitter

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Tamara said...


I'm a straight female and I kept staring at her ass as well. Only God can judge me lol