In The Mind of Toxic 

Waddup Bloggers, its been a while since I let you guys get a 1st class ticket into my life so I decided Hell now is the time, so today was yet again a snow storm in New York -_- and guess who had to be at work at 10am {points to face & makes the -_- face} when nobody shoveled it, thanks Job. But despite outsides horrible weather I got to get off the floor and was giving a task that I never wish to do again, I had to find about 2,000 crappy mismatch shoes & pair them back together...{ I never finished ssh}

So as my shift ended & my Retro 7's got ruined in the snow my son Boogz the dude on the right went around ...basically window shopped . {Why lie I'm still a fly guy} But anyways I'm sorry that I never mentioned these two highly important women in my life sooner but, here it goes:
Theirs soooooooooo much more but laziness got the best of me but yeah you get the idea, here is Little Ms.Shoe Game I never give as much credit as she deserves but without here I don't know where I would be in life, Next I have the person who keeps me alive like seriously she always keeps food in Toxic's Tummy:

Yeeeeeaaaaah Man! thats my boo I forgot her name, but she always lets me slide, even when times were hard she was always there to make my tummy happy and everyone knows a way to a mans heart is threw his stomach. 

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Tamara said...

Love your blog!


Carl said...

the Kid on da right has a name sheesh (wat does a guy have 2 do 2 get some Recognition around here)