Sidenote: Memba those hats? matter fact remember when the whole NBA All Star teams was in style lol good times man

Waddup Bloggers, how you holding up? So yesterday was this big Blizzard...☃in February -_- over here in New York (Way to miss the whole of January mother nature). But anywho let me some up whats going on in my life as of right now. *Coughs* ............"its fine" lol don't you just hate when you have a great conversation with someone & they reply shortly ugh! such a waste of words right? but yeah I mentioned earlier in another post that I was thinking from changing my current major which is Physical Therapy. (ZzZ) What I thought I wanted, but I don't know anymore, So I said to my self I'm always blogging so why not make some money off of it right? So um should I like change my whole major to Journalism? [Way more writing then expected though right?] hMm still poundering about that, but moving along I recently found that Googling your self does pay off, Just the other day out of boredom I Googled my self & BoOm I found an Article on GlobalGrind & On Broken about none other then ME.....well one of my post but still its mine. ☺
  • Wait a minute I should charge those jerks.
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