Fear Well 09 (insert sad song here)

Waddup bloggers, (Yawn) woah a whole new year 09 went by pretty fast didn't it? I know I know I'm kinda late with this New year post but hey I work and when I get back putting up a new post although is fun, its the last thing on my mind but any ways how was your New Years? or should I say how Wasted* "brr" did you get? Lol as everyone would say "On to the next" which seems to be 2010 slogan {I keep jumping so off topic}, But anyways my top 5 WOW's that has happened in 09 are..."drum roll please":
  • The most shocking thing in World at the time, an Icon, a Legend, & even to some a God almost. On June 25, 2009 the death of Micheal Jackson took place it almost seemed to happen out of no were, his death took a toll on everyone's heart in some kind of way. he would be forever greatly missed R.I.P MJ.
  • Rihanna despite that fact that I feel like she kinda did "over do it" on that 60minute interview about (who else) Chris Brown. But anyways not only has her music sky rocked on the charts she was also a fashion icon as well, She is hands down one of the top female artist as of right now and for that I Salute you.
  • Finally creating a blog cause I always had ideas in my head or ran into the weirdest things in life, & I could only create a very limited picture cause I would tell people about it threw word of mouth but now I have the Internet (thumbs up).
  • Yes the Blue Print 3 (I'm I the only one that realizes that the album cover has no blue in it?) But Anywho right when you thought Jay-z couldn't do it like he did when he was in his prime ("POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER") ! he drops this... hold that lol.
  • WALE!!! [Lol Y'all knew that was coming.] I'm pretty sure I don't need to say anymore about him.

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