Salutes to the Rookies

I'm a huge fan of rookie hip-hop music I love that fact that each & every one of them have there own unique style which finally gives Hip-Hop a new more modern out look and strays away from gangster hip hop. 1st to grab my attention was Wale simply because he never forgets were hes from nor family roots and even finds some way to incorporate his background it into his music ,Kid Cudi & his futuristic stonier sounds never seems to get out, Drake is just monster!, Asher Roth reminding people Hip-hop has no skin color, to Charles Hamilton very modern apparel but killer bars, even Currency & his razzy tunes seems to be getting it in now a days, Ace hood his just a mix tape beast & how could I forget to mention B.O.B Atlanta's own with his clean cut sounds but so on the money rhythms is also makes him one of my favorites. (Salutes) Later Bloggers.

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HipHopCulture said...

I like this psot you should write out your own top freshman and top 10 mcs of the year. Just dont do a mtv hot lsit and leave out eminem lol peace