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Controversy much? So on the latest cover of Vibe magazine they've posted two pictures up, of two quite interesting topics in the music industry at this time & the picture basically states there these guys status on there shirts, one being Drake the other being Chris Brown. Now on Drake shirts it says Unstoppable now I don't know if you've been living under a rock or anything and never herd his music or even think Drake is wake, but he's shot him self up from a Rookie to actually having a chance to be the next Lil Wayne Or Jay. But only thing that's left for him to do is go platinum , [which shouldn't be hard for him at all] & the crown could possibly be his. [Sigh] Now Chris Chris Chris.... poor light skin brother, Although he has attempted to make his come back numerous times it almost seems like there is nothing he could do to get at the level where he was before. Honestly I think everyone should just let it go. Oh k he hit her & yes he was wrong how long this the media going to hold this against him? But really bloggers is it that seriously though to deny his music forever? come he messed up everyone does "Leave Chris alone" (in Chris Crocker voice) lol


Cook.ThePoet. said...

i still heart chris. he did it and took a time out like an obedient child. now let him do him. as for drake, i am highly on dat band wagon. but i been ridin his wave since degrassi. YES Degrassi!! LoL


Anonymous said...

chris was cool. but it happened this year he should take some time off cause really he has fans but he a bitch to me cause he hit a girl. there were a million and 1 things he could've done besides that but he didn't therefore he's a bitch. just give it a year or two. nice post=)

K.Brown said...

chris made a mistake we all do. and what happened between him and Ri happened in their personal life, and they have gotten over it why cant the media. he is a very talented person and we cant let that get in the way os his work.
Drake he is unstoppable he hasn't even released an album an is up for i think 2 GRAMMY'S thats huge.

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