In the mind of TOXiC

Waddup bloggers! as I wait for High School hours to pass so I could get some grub I was thinking that I might as well post up some quick thoughts on my mind, so 1st thing first is it just me or Toni Braxton is o.d badd like I mean seriously for a 34 year old, as of right now she could give a lot of theses 20 years old chicks a run for there money with her looks alone, although I wounder if its plastic surgery hmm , but hey who really cares Milfs are accepted in any form in my book. But anyways is it just me or Ms."How you doing" looks like Jay-z's thumb OMG, if you only knew how much I hate looking at Wendy Williams. & to make matters worst the horse even admits to wearing multiple wings on her show, well congrats to you Wendy the YUCK award goes to you (crowd chants). but any who moving on is it just me or Christina Milian only married Dream cause her career was headed full speed on a limited train right into a wall? lol Ouch, Now is it just me or My wife Keyshia Cole is pregnant by point guard Daniel Gibson of the Cleavland Cavaliers .....Now Gibson you cool & all but Keyshia you know that was suppose to be our kid yo =/ [sighs], well High School hours should be over around this & time dinner time is now soooo umm Later Bloggers (Salutes).

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