New York Champions!

1st in the new millennium came the New York Giants (the under dogs) with there great victory over the almighty Patriots on February 4, 2008 in XLII Superbowl, by Plaxico Burress game-winning touch down late in the 4th quarter giving the Giants a surprise win in the Super Bowl, killing the Patriots perfect season....(literally). This year the after everyone gave up hope on these suckers the New York Yankees surprised everyone last night with there win over the Philadelphia Phillies (7-3) wining the 2009 world series (Today was the 1st day I seen so many Yankees fitteds on people heads since the Blue print 2 albumwas released). I know you Bloggers are like "oh-ok so what" right why talk about this cause Son, New York is mainly known for its great basketball players, But in case you haven't already herd & excuse my french but The Knicks ain't sh*t! Like for real somebody tell Spike Lee to invest in his seasonal seat into a Charity or something cause these no show when your at there game, everyone knows the end result of every Knicks game the only question asked is "they lost by how much?" lol (Salute) Later Boggers.

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