Daddy's baby boy

  • So the UCF (University of Florida) has just lost there contract with Adidas because a special player on there team chose to wear daddy's shoes other then the shoes that the school has provided for him. He goes by the name of Marcus sounds familiar? Yup you guessed it Micheal Jordan's son Marcus Jordan son (Why is he so light right) choose to rock daddy's kicks the Nike Jordan Brand other then the teamed signed Adidas brand, clearly because Adidas is Nike's sales rival, so why in the flippin world would he help advertise something that makes his father lose money. Like seriously he has every right to not wear you guys sneakers on the court its not like anyone else on the team is not fully geared in Adidas basketball gear from head to toe or anything, hes single handedly the only one, And to make matters even worst Marcus did agree in fact to wear Adidas gear such as hand bands, ankle wraps, & other minor accessories but refuses to not wear the sneakers. So to the board of Adidas "C'mon Son" give the dam team a break.


Jimmy said...

Adidas are whack when it comes to playing basketball, i would have rocked jordans too. Why don't jordan just sponsor the team?

This blog is tight, i'll definitely give it a follow!

Anonymous said...

Addidas are cool so are jordans, addidas needs to suck it up tho

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