Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

You Can't have a fashion based blog & not mention this whack job lady, don't get me wrong though she has hella amount of swag for a new comer, 1st singed to Def Jam at the age of 19 but then giving the boot to later sign with Akon's Kon Live distribution.Lady Gaga who has quickly stamped her mark on the pop world with her over the top outfits and futuristic music; She even branched out & linked with rapper Wale to do the song "Chillin". She will even be performing on the ever so poppin show Gossip Girls (Yea I watch it & what huh, wanna fight about it ) airing November 16 watch it Bloggers.

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i love your blog its really hard to post a comment tho lol

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