Speaking For the people.

You know what I hate: 10. When people cut the bottom of there jeans to make em' boot cut. 9. When a car or building has a mirror window...its only a mirror on the outside ass face. 8. Calling T-mobile customer service the f**king machine never understands you. 7. Companies that abuse that name Obama, he has a lunch special & condoms named after him -_- "C'mon son". 6. Jay-z still doesn't have a child...he was born in the 60's. 5. Lady Gaga seriously had a bird nest on her face at the MTV VMA's. 4. Star Jones got fired why is she still in media's eye. 3. Cops seriously like doughnuts. 2. Rosie O’Donnell shes just so fat. 1. http://www.Askjeeves.com, changed its name to Ask.com simply because people couldn't spell Jeeves's correct......(sigh).........Obama this is your country.

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