In the mind of TOXiC

This post idea came about to my attention as I was walking home from work & some bruskie that I guess man slipped up & she found out and decided to let the world know and chose to argue with him in the street about it, but one of the things that she mention was that "All men are dogs" & I turned around as said to her ....Ruff! Because lord knows she is true no body in this world is perfect trust me. Even the most in sync couples that you would swear could never go a day without seeing each other slipped up somewhere it could been miner but still did something some way some how. Ladies I'm going to tell you plain & simple there's only two reasons why men cheat so go and get a pen & paper cause I'm only gonna say this once.......go.......I'll wait......ready?......good. Men cheat for these two reason, lack of sex or sexual contact of some sort or the sex is just flat out trash. That's it so if you see your man with another girl it means your sex straight up sucks, go home watch some porn and learn something new its not so hard cause think about you really think that a man would leave the best pu**y he ever got for something new? ...well maybe lol, But if your really holding it down like you should then you wouldn't have to worry as much, cause take a look at males how many times have you ever seen a Male worried that his girl is out cheating on him? next to never (unless hes Asian) cause he knows exactly what to do & how to do it when in the bed room. I say that to say this when guys cheat its primary the women's fault, But whats crazy is the fact that when a women cheats its always with either with someone you know or her soon to be next "boyfriend" & her excuse would be she did it so she won't get hurt in the end. (Bitch if that's the case guys been hurting from Hello) And the fact that they swear that they are so sneaky with it is the worst part, guys know they just could care less when you cheat as long as they still get some at the end of the night everyones happy. I say that to say this Men lie Women lie but cheating has to many dam rules (Salutes) later bloggers.

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