In the mind of TOXiC

Wassup bloggers just had a couple of thoughts on my mind that I had to let you know, The 1st thing I wanted to talk about is my job, they just hired a good 12 new employees..... all females, SON its screaming for me to get in trouble but Toxic never falls off track lol. Aaannywho another topic that I'd like to speak on is Lil Wayne's Baby mothers. Not only are there 4 of them but New New is one of them. I don't think yah''ll really thought about who this women really is like she is that baddest women out there like seriously nothing is wrong with her & he done blazed and planted his stamp in her kudos for him on that. But not only is he the ultimate man for having a baby boy with her he proves to us all that hes is also immune to AIDS. Another major subject that I'd like to touch on is the over used & over published term that even has effected our Black Community is this getting "Fresh" factory in one way or another everyone try's (<-thats not even a word) to or does. You can't go no where without seeing a African American teen with an extreme high quality in his/her fashion sense, its even got to a point where teens would skip meals just for a new pair of kicks. I'm not even gonna front I my self am a major Sneaker Freaker I go out my way to get sneakers that no one else has or seen but! I do save to a certain point before I get each item. This getting Fresh factor is so crazy that I have a friend that bought 12 Burberry shirts for $95 each mainly from his lunch money like "C'mon son" you for real?. I have another one that even stop paying his insurance on his car just so he could get "Fresh" lol I just laugh at em cause there money right. But what I notice from this getting "Fresh" factory is girls seem to just throw them self's at these (mainly) boys that dress the Fliest, not knowing that he blew all his money on his outfit & can't even take her on a date let alone pay for his own fair to get home. Boy life is to funny man I swear, but finally the last topic I'd like to talk about briefly is the music industry; Lil Wayne has yet to drop a J Millz or even Nikki Manaj album and they been under him for years now so good luck waiting on Drakes album. You know what just hit me Usher cheated on his girlfriend spoke about it publicly put music behind it & went platinum WOW WHAT THE CRAP! but moving on, Queen Latifah still fat, Estelle still mug, 50cent still angry ,Jay-Z wears all black & a back words hat even tho hes 40 years old, Mase is M.I.A.....again,Piles is basically a rapping syphilis ad,Rick Ross has a tattoo under his boob,Young Breg never got his chain back, Amber Rose got zeeked , Lil Mama just needs to move,Asher Roth sucks, Soulja boys still making millions with twist braids (C'mon son) for making the worst music ever even tho hes 12, Mariah Carey never ages a day, & Gucci mane has yet to realize that Blixtex exist (Salutes) later bloggers .

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