Harajuku Barbie

Wassup bloggers I know took a day off cause I was out at a co-workers stripper party all night word up, it was cool and all until this one dude kept trynna dance with a stripper like it was Labor Day & the Jamaican float passed, but its what ever he went home happy it was a cool night. Oh and another thing tell me how this one stripper kept telling me to "support,support"......yeah iight,A. I wasn't impress & B. Move Bitch , I pulled the old "I only got my card line" get outta here Bruskie. But anyways back to the topic at hand is it just me or every chick out there is labeling them self's as either Chinky (Even tho that's a Chinese slur dufus), China doll (even tho it means antique glazed dolls) or the newest one Harajuku Barbie (Its area in Tokyo were young people come together once a week to express there unique & tacky fashion) so for all of you girls that labeled your self as a area visited once a week just know that.... Mexicans have it way worst. (Salutes) Later Bloggers
  • A actual Harajuku girl.


imjusshim said...

werd, madd bitches be tlkin bout dey harjuka barbies n shit dnt even kno wtf it is..dumb ass dick suckers

handsomeguy said...

Bitches need to stop followin nicki and find dey own swagg