2 Train story

Wassup bloggers so I'm on the 2 train (really right) so yeah I'm on the 2train going to work during "High school" hours right, ( & y'all all know what I mean when I say during high school hours Uniforms w/ the dirtiest sneakers, hair weaves that change colors every stop, American Eagle & H&M stolen gear,Leaned Uggs, Overly worn PiNK clothing , & the hugest book bags filled with no homework.) but anyways I'm on the 2train during this time & this one kid had his I-pod blasting, tell me how this lady told him to turn down his music like it's a party next door. So the kid looked up to her & said "No, close your ears" & I don't blame the Lil dip sh*t after all he's right he had head phones on blame the I-pod company for creating the level "I would literally like my ears to bleed to def please & thank you" option on to the I-pod. But anyways moving on you know whats another thing that I seem to always chuckle at while on the 2 train seeing a Jew take the train, I swear its better then a Wayne's bros. film (but then again thing is) but yeah they get so paranoid when surround by people they hate cause come on we all know Jews (Jesus killers, read the bible I'm not a racist) hate black people, so they try to eliminate any social contact as possible, they would seriously stair at the buckle on there shoe threw ought the whole entire train ride just to avoid someone asking them any questions better yet creating any small convo's, whats the deal with them anyways they don't even use electricity on the Sabbath pfft, that's when the best shows come on no wonder there so anal.Moving on to down grading black people because I'm starting to feel that you guys are thinking I'm a racist, but whats up with black people & the dam term "whats wrong with it?" like what the fallopian tube its wrong with these ungrateful black people, anything that's actually a good deal or even a great job position we whip out that phrase. & would have to most serious face to when saying it to, that dogon Nigga mentality boy I'll tell yah it will never leave. OH before I for get,(I know I talk about things randomly) this is something that I not only see on the train but everywhere, Ladies! please I beg you with all my heart stop fronting with the Louis bags we all know that you went to the Hawaiian shirt chocolate face...no make up, Boosters on Canal st to held you down like for real but what urks me the most is that these younger fronter girls would rock air max & Louis Vuitton bag not knowing that its a 1,000 dollar bag but you older ladys aren't any better rocking it with sandals or better yet in the clubs with Aldo heels.................."C'mon son" (Salutes) Later bloggers.

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