2 Train story

Wassup bloggers I'm a bit tired, coming in from having school all day & having the best blog ever but! =) I was on the 2 train the other day right, and tell me how I'm sitting on one of those pull down seats that they have for wheel chairs (Even tho they never ever use it matter fact why do they even go on trains there already on wheels but yeah anyways) I'm sitting on it right & tell me how this lady comes up to me, points to the chair, & asked "excuse me!" So I look at the wall next to me 1st then gave her "the face"....................... Yah''ll know what I'm talking about this face: But this Bruskie still sat next to me threw out the entire train ride, disregarding her one butt cheek grasping on the seat for dear life just so she could have a seat, & you know what this dumb Brod said to me as I left "I'm sorry I just came from work".......Bitch me 2! But moving on WHO in the world is giving these homeless people $2.25 to get on these trains I seriously had this one homeless guy come on the train that labeled him self the Homeless Moses (Pfft w/e) and spoke about how he helps out other homeless people seeks shelter & food for them, (mind you hes still homeless) but one of the things he said during his I have a dream speech was "I'm not hear to beg & plead for money but it would be kind of you if you gave me a small Donation " .................................I'll be dam son! this sneaky worded mother f***ker. Smh, I say that to say this "Them niggas have money F that" (Salutes) Later Bloggers.

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